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Artists and pokemon vortex?


So.. ive been browsing a little on this forum and apparently there is a function to insert other Medias here. and ive even seen people add the sprites of pokemon in their posts for trade purposes whicb is fine and all.

but since there is even a contest subsection.

i was wondering 


Is there already a part on here for people wanting to post art? and if not. do you think there is a chance there will be? because i dont really see a reason why pokemon vortex forums wouldnt be a more attractive place next to the game itself here.

i remember the art contests on miiverse in the pokemon art academy if anyone who ready this was there too. it was fun and i thought why not? 

i mean we have a lot of younger audience here. and its never a bad thing to promote creativity (my opinion ofc ^^ dont hate me for loving art ok? ty)


and yeah.. maybe this could have been in the suggestions feed. but after all im not sure if it isnt there yet so i rather ask here before i get witchhunted xD

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We have had art sub-forums, general chat sub-forums and multiple other sub-forums in the past. They were removed with the launch of v4 because forums as a whole platform for communities just aren't as popular as they once were with the younger generation. I have asked countless people over the years why they don't like using forums and the most popular answer is "It's too complicated" or "I don't know how to use them"

With the decline in interest of forums, I decided to remove all the non-game related sections and just stick to what's important for the game.

It's very unlikely I'd ever add general or art sub-forums back, sorry. :=c:

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