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Bug Evolving Newly Caught Poke Doesn't Reward Season Points (Even If Unique)

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Edit: It appears it's mostly a visual bug that doesn't have an actual affect on the seasonal points, so no worries. Resolved.




#3 - Pokémon evolved need to have been caught that season to count as a unique.

Link: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/8740-seasonal-top-trainers/


So I caught a lv 7 shiny Litwick today. I had shiny litwick from the past but it was my first in the season so it counted as unique and I got seasonal points. However, I never had shiny Lampent/Chandelure. Anyways, I trained the shiny Litwick and evolved into shiny Lampent. It didn't count as unique for the seasonal and I didn't get any seasonal points. From my understanding, even if I had shiny Lampent from before, it should have counted as unique since it was my first shiny Lampent for this season.


I repeated the bug for Litwick's 3rd evo. Here I'm showing both the ID of the pokemon (so you can verify that I caught it this season) and my box (so you see that I don't own a shiny Chandelure). As you can see after the evo, I got no seasonal points.






Edit: ID of the poke is #0022599120, you can also see it in the gif above.

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