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Hunt/trade/Fill your dex service

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-Hunt service for Rare encounters (starters,evolved mons that can be find wild)


-Hunt service for common encounters (kangaskhan, vulpix, etc)


-Training to lv100 (not exp training. ask someone else for that)


[will not hunt for shiny alolan mons,legendarys or shiny eevee]



Wanting in Return 


for Non uniques commons--> 1k/pokemon or 1 unique 




for unique commons -->

25k/pokemon or 3 uniques 




for non unique evolveds-->

30k/pokemon or 2 uniques 




for unique evolveds-->

40k/pokemon or 5 uniques 




for non unique rares-->

100k/Pokémon or 7 uniques 




for unique rares-->

300k/pokemon or 10 uniques 




for shiny rares-->

500k/pokemon or 15 uniques




for Shiny charmander or froakie-->

will cost you 6 unique legends or 1 Shiny Eevee.

ALTERNATIVELY 2,250,000pokedollars 

(we blame our certain friend AGAIN for wanting this edit._. bruh xD)


(Yes i know shiny charmanders are popular. thats why they get an extra listing.)



Services will take longer for rare encounters. U should be aware of that before requesting anything!


Edited by TheEndings
amount mistake/Certain someone keeps wanting to add stuff. can someone tape their mouth shut so he stops xD (already requested hunts are not affected by increases in price. ;) thanks for the info on rare encounter prices mr certain someone ^~^)
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1 hour ago, edisonoyz said:

shiny charmander/shiny froakie for 3 unique legends (come to pm if u want to decide on the 3 unique legends beforehand). let me know on vortex when u catch them.



ign: edisonoyz


Since charmander and froakie are on different maps i would like to know which has more of a priority to you.



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wait what :chat: (ill unblock u xD)


but thats good to know.

ill see if i or some of my hunter friends can get one. (dont worry. we can split payments ourselves xD. if not. we play rock paper scissors. [sad attempt at beeing funny])

Edited by TheEndings
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