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Daily Login Bug

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I logged in today, but I didn't get my daily login reward. When I checked it said that I got it on another account. But the problem is that I don't use my other account anymore and I'm the only one who plays this game in my house i.e, This is the only account on my current IP. I don't use VPN or incognito nor I ever told my password to others. So I would like to know why it still shows that I received in another account, when I only logged in using one account, and for the first time of the day? I'm ok with telling the other account's user id too if required.

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I don't see why you needed to create a bug report for this when you clearly know how daily login rewards work.

Someone (or yourself) is using the same network to log into two accounts so only one is getting the reward, it's that simple. There's no bug here.

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