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Trading shinys :P

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On 12/12/2018 at 2:24 AM, Tweettweetie said:

I have a weird amount of shinys so I want to get rid of them. These are the ones I have

Shiny BouffalantShiny Deerling (Autumn)Shiny FoongusShiny GirafarigShiny GolettShiny KlinkShiny KoffingShiny LillipupShiny Nidoran (F)Shiny NincadaShiny PhantumpShiny PidoveShiny PurrloinShiny RattataShiny ShuppetShiny Unown (L)Shiny VolbeatShiny WoobatShiny ZangooseShiny Zigzagoon

If you would like to trade for them reply and say your offer and if I except trade with me.

Username: Tweettweetie

Could i please have Shiny phantump

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