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Clan Changes 2019/2020

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Clan Changes 2019/2020


Effective immediately, clans will no longer be able to hold 400 members. The Capacity is now set at 100 members per clan.


What does this mean for clans that already have over 100 members?

  • They will remain over capacity until the clan condenses their own member list or when the next content update drops (the mobile update) - Those clans will automatically have their member list condensed on a random basis of member kicks.

How long do clans have to organise their own member list to be 100 or below?

  • The date is uncertain but I urge you to do it as soon as possible.

Who will be removed from a clan if the member list is left above 100 at the time of the next update?

  • All users with roles (Leader, Co-Leader, Elitest) will be left in the clan. Members without a role will be randomly chosen to be removed until the clan is left at 100 members.

Why was this change made?

  • Multiple reasons. The first being a preparation for the "Clan Skills" update. The second reason being hopefully this will spread players out a bit more across multiple clans, making the Top Clans leaderboard a bit more competitive and interesting for the upcoming clan updates we have planned.


If you know anyone who runs a clan, please spread this notice on so they can have a chance to organise their own clan without us intervening. Thank you.

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