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Account scammed and everything gone

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I got scammed by a guy named event_2018. So what happened was, was that my partner and I were playing the game together and I had to leave to take care of my studies - so I said to my partner that he should play for a while to manage the account. My partner played on the acc for a while and eventually, he had studies too and then he gave the password to another guy who was his "In real life friend". That guy wanted a partner because we both were off and so he joined Event_2018 to train pokes and stuff. After sometime, the guy scammed my partner and then took away all the pokes and changed the pass and then after like a month or so, I had thought of coming back to the game and so I just tried to log in the account but that it said that the pass I entered was incorrect and so as me being the real owner of the account I just used my email to change the password and then I just had a look at my account and saw that everything was poof and after some days event_2018 got banned but he has alts and all my pokes are gone so what should I do? Can anyone help me? I got scammed of more than 20 DPS and many events, Arceus forms and Pokedollars too along with a normal unknown too.... my partners have tried to reach me through discord but I have cut all ties of partnerships and I promise this won't repeat again so please somebody help me I have worked very hard on this account so please Patrick, if you can, I beg of you to restore my account.

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I am no admin, so I cannot say this officially.
However, I do believe that your account cannot be restored.
You seemed to have someone you can trust as someone you worked with. However, sharing your password with someone is always a risk.
It's a risk you took, and one your friend took.


I'm sorry to hear this, but I see it as very unlikely that anything can be done to restore your account.

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