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On 12/21/2018 at 11:21 AM, Maxie-Magma said:

Unown (H)Unown (I)Unown (T)Unown (O)Unown (R)Unown (M)Unown (I)Unown (S)Unown (S)Unown (Qm)

I guess they never miss, huh?


No but for real no matter how long I fade from this site I will always come back eventually. I still haven't completed that legendary dex yet so I can focus on that and a few other things.


It's going to be a simple trade thread. I have pokemon you might want and you have pokemon I might want. I can't reply super quick since I work nearly full time, but I will respond- or- feel free to offer and I will get around to accepting it! I would prefer if the offers were made on my pokemon, if not it may take a little while to accept it depending on if I am online or not. Other than that just follow normal forum rules and things will be fine!



  1. (NEW!!!) I only trade pokemon for pokemon, I don't trade pokedollars. I didn't even know that was a thing TBH
  2. My trades are pretty lax. I understand that some are more valuable than others, and I will take that into account! I know that Kyogre is worth more than Virizion. I also understand that shinies are valued more than metallics, but I won't mind that here. If you want to trade a Metallic Parasect for a shiny Tentacruel, I will most likely accept!
  3. (SPECIAL!!!) For the normal and unique kyurem, reshiram and zekroms, I will trade a legendary of the same type (normal, shadow etc.) PLUS two uniques of your choice (minus specials such as megas, alolans and friendships) OR one legendary of the same type PLUS one normal legendary. that means you can trade a normal kyurem and get two normal legendaries! LIMITED TIME ONLY (It's become fun to collect them)




Look if u dare :^_^:




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BulbasaurDark BulbasaurDark IvysaurDark VenusaurMetallic BulbasaurMetallic IvysaurMetallic VenusaurMetallic Venusaur (Mega)Mystic BulbasaurShadow BulbasaurShadow IvysaurShiny Bulbasaur

CharmanderDark Charmander<-(X3)Metallic Charmander<-(X3)Mystic Charmander<-(X4)Shadow Charmander<-(X5)Shiny Charmander<-(X5)

SquirtleWartortleBlastoiseDark SquirtleDark WartortleDark BlastoiseDark Blastoise (Mega)Metallic SquirtleMetallic WartortleMetallic BlastoiseMetallic Blastoise (Mega)Mystic SquirtleMystic WartortleMystic BlastoiseMystic Blastoise (Mega)Shadow SquirtleShadow WartortleShadow BlastoiseShadow Blastoise (Mega)Shiny SquirtleShiny WartortleShiny Blastoise (Mega)Metallic CaterpieMystic CaterpieMystic MetapodDark WeedleDark KakunaDark BeedrillDark Beedrill (Mega)Metallic WeedleMystic WeedleMystic KakunaMystic BeedrillMystic Beedrill (Mega)Shadow WeedleShiny WeedleShiny KakunaDark PidgeyMetallic PidgeyMystic PidgeyMystic PidgeottoShadow PidgeyMystic RattataMystic RaticateDark SpearowDark FearowMetallic SpearowMystic FearowShadow SpearowDark EkansDark SandshrewDark SandslashMystic SandshrewMystic SandslashDark Nidoran (F)Dark NidorinaMetallic Nidoran (F)Metallic NidorinaMystic Nidoran (F)Mystic NidorinaShadow Nidoran (F)Shiny Nidoran (F)Shiny NidorinaDark Nidoran (M)Dark NidorinoDark NidokingMetallic Nidoran (M)Metallic NidorinoMystic Nidoran (M)Mystic NidorinoMystic NidokingShadow Nidoran (M)Shadow NidorinoShadow NidokingDark ZubatMetallic ZubatMetallic GolbatMystic ZubatShadow GolbatDark OddishDark GloomMetallic OddishMetallic GloomMystic OddishShadow OddishDark ParasDark ParasectMetallic ParasMystic ParasMystic ParasectShadow ParasShiny ParasDark VenonatMetallic DiglettMetallic DugtrioShadow DiglettShadow DugtrioMetallic MeowthMystic MeowthShiny MeowthDark PsyduckMetallic PsyduckMetallic GolduckMystic PsyduckShadow PsyduckShadow GolduckMetallic MankeyDark GrowlitheDark PoliwagDark PoliwhirlDark PoliwrathMetallic PoliwagMetallic PoliwhirlMetallic PoliwrathMystic PoliwagMystic PoliwhirlShadow PoliwagShadow PoliwhirlShadow PoliwrathShiny PoliwagShiny PoliwhirlDark AbraDark KadabraDark AlakazamDark Alakazam (Mega)Metallic AbraMetallic KadabraMystic AbraMystic KadabraMystic AlakazamShiny AbraShiny KadabraDark MachopDark MachokeDark MachampMystic MachopMystic MachokeDark BellsproutMetallic BellsproutMetallic WeepinbellDark TentacoolDark TentacruelShadow TentacoolDark GeodudeMystic GeodudeMystic GravelerMetallic GeodudeMetallic GravelerShadow GeodudeMystic PonytaDark SlowpokeDark SlowbroMetallic SlowpokeShadow SlowpokeShadow SlowbroShiny MagnemiteShiny MagnetonDark MagnemiteDark MagnetonMystic MagnemiteMystic MagnetonMetallic MagnemiteDark DoduoMetallic DoduoMystic DoduoShadow DoduoShiny DoduoMystic SeelMystic DewgongDark GrimerMetallic GrimerMystic GrimerShadow GrimerShadow MukDark ShellderMetallic ShellderMetallic CloysterMystic ShellderShadow ShellderDark GastlyDark HaunterDark GengarMetallic GastlyMetallic HaunterMetallic GengarMystic GastlyMystic HaunterMystic GengarShadow GastlyShadow HaunterShiny GastlyShiny HaunterShiny GengarMetallic OnixShiny OnixDark DrowzeeDark HypnoMetallic DrowzeeDark KrabbyMetallic KrabbyMetallic KinglerMystic KrabbyMystic KinglerShadow Krabby



Shiny MoltresMystic MewtwoMystic Mewtwo (Mega X)Mystic Mewtwo (Mega Y)Shadow MewtwoShadow Mewtwo (Mega X)Shadow Mewtwo (Mega Y)Shiny MewtwoShiny Mewtwo (Mega X)Shadow RaikouShiny RaikouDark Ho-ohShiny Ho-ohShiny KyogreKyogre (Primal)Dark Kyogre (Primal)Metallic Kyogre (Primal)Mystic Kyogre (Primal)Shadow Kyogre (Primal)Shiny Kyogre (Primal)Mystic GroudonShiny GroudonGroudon (Primal)Dark Groudon (Primal)Metallic Groudon (Primal)Mystic Groudon (Primal)Shadow Groudon (Primal)Shiny Groudon (Primal)Dark Rayquaza (Mega)Metallic Rayquaza (Mega)Mystic Rayquaza (Mega)Shadow Rayquaza (Mega)Mystic RegiceMystic RegigigasShiny LatiasDark LatiosMystic LatiosShiny RotomMetallic UxieShiny HeatranShadow PhioneShiny PhioneMystic PalkiaShadow GiratinaMetallic TerrakionShiny ThundurusDark Diancie (Mega)Tapu BuluDark Tapu BuluMetallic Tapu BuluMystic Tapu BuluShiny Tapu BuluTapu KokoDark Tapu KokoMetallic Tapu KokoMystic Tapu KokoShadow Tapu KokoShiny Tapu KokoTapu LeleDark Tapu LeleMetallic Tapu LeleMystic Tapu LeleShadow Tapu LeleShiny Tapu LeleTapu FiniDark Tapu FiniMetallic Tapu FiniMystic Tapu FiniShadow Tapu FiniShiny Tapu Fini



And as always, as many of these

(It's become a fun hobby):

KyuremDark KyuremMetallic KyuremMystic KyuremShadow KyuremShiny Kyurem

ZekromDark ZekromMetallic ZekromMystic ZekromShadow ZekromShiny Zekrom

ReshiramDark ReshiramMetallic ReshiramMystic ReshiramShadow ReshiramShiny Reshiram





Metallic Zygarde (Cell)
Porygon (Hammer)Dark Porygon (Hammer)Metallic Porygon (Hammer)Mystic Porygon (Hammer)Shadow Porygon (Hammer)Shiny Porygon (Hammer)

Porygon (Shield)Dark Porygon (Shield)Metallic Porygon (Shield)Mystic Porygon (Shield)Shadow Porygon (Shield)Shiny Porygon (Shield)

Porygon (Sword)Dark Porygon (Sword)Metallic Porygon (Sword)Mystic Porygon (Sword)Shadow Porygon (Sword)Shiny Porygon (Sword)

Dark Pichu (Christmas)Metallic Pichu (Christmas)Shadow Pichu (Christmas)

Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Metallic Pikachu (Christmas)Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)

Shadow Caterpie (Christmas)Shiny Caterpie (Christmas)

Dark Raichu (Christmas)Mystic Raichu (Christmas)

Dark CosmogMetallic CosmogMystic CosmogShadow CosmogShiny Cosmog

Dark CosmoemMetallic CosmoemMystic CosmoemShadow CosmoemShiny Cosmoem

Dark LunalaMetallic LunalaMystic LunalaShadow LunalaShiny Lunala

Dark SolgaleoMetallic SolgaleoMystic SolgaleoShadow SolgaleoShiny Solgaleo





For Trade

*Also trading level 6 immunes. two immunes per unique, negotiable for other pokemon!!!


  Reveal hidden contents


Cosmog.gifPichu (Christmas).gifPikachu (Libre).gifPikachu (Ph. D.).gifPikachu (Pop Star).gifPikachu (Rock Star).gif

Charizard (Mega X).gifGarchomp (Mega).gifGyarados (Mega).gifGyarados (Mega).gifSceptile (Mega).gifSceptile (Mega).gifScizor (Mega).gifScizor (Mega).gifSwampert (Mega).gifCrabominable.gifCrabominable.gifSandshrew (Alolan).gifVulpix (Alolan).gif

Sylveon.gifforDark LucarioMetallic LucarioMystic LucarioShadow LucarioShiny LucarioMetallic SnorlaxMystic SnorlaxorShiny Snorlax

Shiny Crobat.gifforShadow WigglytuffShiny WigglytuffShadow ClefableShiny ClefableShadow LopunnyorShiny Lopunny


Dark Absol.gifDark Alomomola.gifDark Blitzle.gifDark Carbink.gifDark Haxorus.gifDark Helioptile.gifDark Linoone.gifDark Watchog.gifDark Talonflame.gifDark Unown (B).gifDark Watchog.gif

Metallic Amoonguss.gifMetallic Corsola.gifMetallic Ducklett.gifMetallic Excadrill.gifMetallic Gothitelle.gifMetallic Heracross.gifMetallic Inkay.gifMetallic Inkay.gifMetallic Kricketot.gifMetallic Maractus.gifMetallic Simipour.gifMetallic Smeargle.gifMetallic Sunkern.gifMetallic Sunkern.gifMetallic Volbeat.gifMetallic Wormadam (Plant).gif

Mystic Litleo.gifMystic Pichu.gifMystic Pichu.gifMystic Volbeat.gif

Shadow Barboach.gifShadow Basculin (Red Stripe).gifShadow Bellsprout.gifShadow Drilbur.gifShadow Drowzee.gifShadow Dunsparce.gifShadow Durant.gifShadow Ekans.gifShadow Florges (Orange).gifShadow Girafarig.gifShadow Graveler.gifShadow Graveler.gifShadow Magikarp.gifShadow Magikarp.gifShadow Makuhita.gifShadow Minior (Meteor).gifShadow Murkrow.gifShadow Ninetales.gifShadow Ponyta.gifShadow Rapidash.gifShadow Rattata.gifShadow Sandslash.gifShadow Shuckle.gifShadow Spinarak.gifShadow Spinarak.gifShadow Stantler.gifShadow Stufful.gifShadow Volbeat.gif

Shiny Blitzle.gifShiny Bouffalant.gifShiny Burmy (Plant).gifShiny Dunsparce.gifShiny Eelektross.gifShiny Espurr.gifShiny Growlithe.gifShiny Inkay.gifShiny Kecleon.gifShiny Lickitung.gifShiny Magikarp.gifShiny Makuhita.gifShiny Maractus.gifShiny Marowak.gifShiny Marowak.gifShiny Mawile.gifShiny Oddish.gifShiny Persian.gifShiny Ponyta.gifShiny Ponyta.gifShiny Pyroar.gifShiny Rapidash.gifShiny Rufflet.gifShiny Rufflet.gifShiny Sigilyph.gifShiny Skrelp.gifShiny Slowpoke.gifShiny Snubbull.gifShiny Snubbull.gifShiny Swablu.gifShiny Swirlix.gifShiny Tentacool.gifShiny Tentacool.gifShiny Tentacruel.gifShiny Torkoal.gifShiny Torkoal.gifShiny Tropius.gifShiny Venomoth.gifShiny Zubat.gif

Dark Manaphy.gifDark Tornadus.gifDark Virizion.gif

Metallic Cresselia.gifMetallic Cresselia.gifMetallic Darkrai.gifMetallic Genesect.gifMetallic Genesect.gifMetallic Jirachi.gifMetallic Landorus.gifMetallic Mesprit.gifMetallic Palkia.gifMetallic Shaymin.gifMetallic Shaymin.gifMetallic Shaymin (Sky).gifMetallic Thundurus.gifMetallic Virizion.gif

Mystic Cresselia.gifMystic Genesect.gifMystic Genesect.gifMystic Tornadus.gifMystic Virizion.gifMystic Virizion.gif

Shadow Genesect.gifShadow Genesect.gifShadow RotomShadow Terrakion.gifShadow Virizion.gifShadow Virizion.gifShadow Yveltal

Shiny Yveltal



OK so i can give you a pikachu(christmas) for your any pikachu cosplay tell me your ign


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On 1/11/2019 at 7:48 AM, Maxie-Magma said:

I could trade any other normal legend for it that are in my trades :)


Never mind i got something else 4 it sorry

Edit: I do hv a Kyurem and I'm looking to trade 4 happiness pokes

Edited by waybig

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On 1/10/2019 at 10:57 PM, Nastsu.dragneel said:

A shadow or shiny Pokémon 

okay, Sure! Whats your IGN?


On 1/11/2019 at 2:03 AM, ronakcena512 said:

OK so i can give you a pikachu(christmas) for your any pikachu cosplay tell me your ign


IGN is maxie-magma :)

23 hours ago, waybig said:

Never mind i got something else 4 it sorry

Edit: I do hv a Kyurem and I'm looking to trade 4 happiness pokes

I have two hapiness poke's, but i'm only trading them for other happiness pokes :( I have a Shiny Crobatand Sylveon

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18 hours ago, Nastsu.dragneel said:

Hey maxie how does this sound to you 

for one ultra beast: ub 02 beauty

can you get me a shadow palkia or kyogre 

with a

shiny diance

No thanks, sorry don't have any of those to trade :(


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I have a Shadow Deoxys

What Can I get for that? (If you want to trade for it)

Edited by Gasterfire6

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