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Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

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Hi Guys,

Just wanna complete my Events Dex.

So State your Exp and Pokemon you want exp on these are the Few events i need for this Chapter to complete:


Shiny Rotom (Halloween)Dark Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Rotom (Halloween)Shadow Rotom (Halloween)Mystic Rotom (Halloween)


Shiny Arceus (Dark) Dark Arceus (Dark)Metallic Arceus (Dark)Shadow Arceus (Dark)Mystic Arceus (Dark)


Togepi (Halloween)Shiny Togepi (Halloween)Dark Togepi (Halloween)Mystic Togepi (Halloween)Shadow Togepi (Halloween)


Psyduck (Jar Jar)Shiny Psyduck (Jar Jar)Shadow Psyduck (Jar Jar)Mystic Psyduck (Jar Jar)Dark Psyduck (Jar Jar)Metallic Psyduck (Jar Jar)

Shiny Pichu (Christmas)x 3    Dark Pichu (Christmas)x 3  Mystic Pichu (Christmas) x 3  Metallic Pichu (Christmas) x 3   Shadow Pichu (Christmas)x 3 .



        Just post your offers and pokemon which you need exp on.

        Bulk orders has to wait.

Currently Training:

                           For Dark Pichu (Christmas).~6 Mil







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