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Universal Community Trading Thread

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On 5/23/2018 at 7:39 PM, DonAlex said:


 Shiny Mewtwo (Armor)


20 Legends (You can chose from ALL of my Pokemon!)


CelebiDark RegiceDark RegisteelDeoxysGroudonKyogreMetallic GenesectMewMewtwoMystic AzelfRegisteelShadow CobalionShadow KyuremShadow Shaymin (Sky)Shadow TerrakionShadow UxieShayminShaymin (Sky)Shiny CelebiShiny GenesectShiny GiratinaShiny Type-NullShiny ZekromSuicuneTapu BuluThundurusTornadusUxieVirizionYveltalZapdosZekromZygardeLandorusMystic Shaymin (Sky)Dark Shaymin (Sky)Dark TornadusMystic PhioneGenesectShadow JirachiMetallic RegiceDark KyuremMystic DialgaDark CobalionMetallic YveltalMystic MewShadow KeldeoDark RegigigasLugiaMewDark RegiceReshiramShadow VirizionShiny DialgaShadow LugiaGroudonDarkraiShiny AzelfShayminShiny LandorusKyuremShiny KyuremPalkiaShiny KeldeoShiny KyogreMystic LugiaShadow RegisteelKeldeoJirachi

AND MANY MORE! Look in my Profile and chose 20 of them!

I can trade you the shiny mewtwo armor if you're still interested. Message me on my IGN: bussy 

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Training Exp and completing sidequest and all badges


For completing all sidequest: 1  unique dp  or 21mill poke dollar's


For completing badges: 1 unique events (no xmas)

Discord id's:!!!!!!Ghost Rider!!!!!!!!!#2059 And Nightwolf#4287

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On 7/19/2018 at 11:16 PM, VITOL said:

Someone to exchange my Shadow Buzzwolefor any other unique UB that i don't have? tell me what u have if u r too lazy to search in my profile

mettalic phermosa (exp 250000)

zygarde partial


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2 hours ago, Johnscz12 said:

Estoy buscando sombra o reshiram brillante

lo suficientemente amable como para hacer una oferta?


50 minutes ago, GoonerCy said:

puede darle cualquiera de ellos munchlax si lo desea!

I have shiny reshiran 


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Looking for: Shiny Sableye, Mega Ghost-types, and Victini


Offering: Literally anything that's worth one of these things.


Ign is JirachiAJ. Message me if interested.

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