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Universal Community Trading Thread

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On 8/9/2018 at 6:58 AM, nostalgicschit said:

LF Dark Darkrown/ Dark Sableye(mega or not) <--- All Should be nicknameable
Need 1 asap.


Also Trading 10m exp<--OFFER


Hit me up

I have a Dark Sableye for trade. Want me to nickname it or just put it up?

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7 minutes ago, EzeeRandoms said:

Looking for a rayquaza for anything on my trade list.I am willing to accept more than one poke on my end IGN EzeeRandoms

i have rayquaza mega


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2lazy for pms


18 hours ago, darkxknight101 said:

Looking for  Dark Guzzlord    Dark Necrozma  Shadow NecrozmaMystic XurkitreeDark Celesteela


pm for offers

my Dark Nihilegofor Dark CelesteelaorMystic Xurkitree?

2 hours ago, Fire Blaze said:

TradingShiny Rotom (Pokedex)Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)Shiny Zygarde (Partial)Shiny Missingno.Mystic Xerneas (Neutral)Metallic Porygon (Shield)Metallic Guzzlord

Pm if interested

my Dark Nihilegofor Metallic Guzzlord?

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Looking for Shiny BagonShiny BeldumShiny BeldumShiny Deerling (Autumn)Metallic Deerling (Autumn)Metallic Deerling (Autumn)Dark OddishDark OddishMagnezone

Offering unique for unique, or a legendary for multiple uniques. All pokemon UFT and in inventory of beyonduniques available, legendaries UFT on beyondalarmed available. Quote with offers or PM me on either account if interested

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EDIT: Trade has been completed. Thank you!

Looking for: Mystic%20Suicune.gif


Offering: Shiny%20Kyogre.gif    or   Mystic%20Kyogre.gif  or  Metallic%20Articuno.gif or Dark%20Diancie.gif or  Mystic%20Diancie.gif


If interested, hit me up...somehow! [/not exactly sure how this works yet]

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level up my wishiwashi and wishiwashi school to lvl 100 and i'll give u one common leggie for each one

or if u have yours leveled its ok too

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