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On 5/28/2021 at 4:39 PM, shinyom said:

I am having many poke for trade and sale .


Events -- pikachu (halloween)pikachu (ph. d.)rotom (heat)2x solgaleo  2x metallic greninja (ash)3x mystic greninja (ash)2x greninja (ash)2x xerneas (neutral)


Mega -- shiny charizard (mega y)   shiny pidgeot (mega)   salamence (mega)  


Fossil --  tyrantrum


Rare (map wise) -- rotommetallic rotommystic rotomdark rotomgreninjashiny pichuprimarinashadow dratinitentacruel


Rare (in game) -- shiny appletunappletun


Legendary -- cresselia dark phionegiratinakommo-o  3x mystic phione2x mystic manaphy5x phionereshiram  regiceshadow manaphyshadow suicuneshadow zygardeshiny manaphyxerneas (active)shadow deoxys


Ultre beasts -- necrozma  naganadelpheromosa...


Give your best offer by replying me here or in game ... ign - shinyom.....

Bro i need a mistic and metallic greninja (ash). I can give anything. Look at my pokemons and tell what u want. My ign:wolfboy007 

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I have quite a few Pokemon I want, but a surprising amount of them are non-Legendary. I'll probably edit this post as I give away/get Pokemon on these lists.


I AM LOOKING FOR: *There are various other Pokemon that I may accept, especially legendaries. Check with me if you don't see anything you want to give away but have something else that'll be a fair trade for one of my Pokemon!
dratinilicShiny Dratinilicdark dratinilicshadow dratinilic

dratiniceshiny dratinicemetallic dratinicemystic dratiniceshadow dratinice

shiny dratinireshadow dratinire

latiasmystic latiasshadow latias

latias (mega)metallic latias (mega)mystic latias (mega)shadow latias (mega)

mewshiny mewmetallic mew

giratinashiny giratinashadow giratina

giratina (origin)shiny giratina (origin)shadow giratina (origin)

articunoshiny articunometallic articunodark articunoshadow articuno

metallic entei

zacianshiny zacianmetallic zacianmystic zacianshadow zacian

EeveeShiny EeveeShadow Eevee
flareonmetallic flareonmystic flareondark flareonshadow flareon

vaporeonshiny vaporeonmetallic vaporeonmystic vaporeondark vaporeonshadow vaporeon
jolteonmystic jolteondark jolteonshadow jolteon

espeonmetallic espeonmystic espeondark espeonshadow espeon

umbreonshiny umbreonmystic umbreonshadow umbreon

leafeonmetallic leafeonmystic leafeondark leafeonshadow leafeon

glaceonshiny glaceonmetallic glaceonmystic glaceondark glaceonshadow glaceon

sylveonshiny sylveonmetallic sylveonmystic sylveondark sylveonshadow sylveon


typhlosionshiny typhlosionmystic typhlosiondark typhlosionshadow typhlosion ALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF CYNDAQUIL AND QUILAVA


torterramystic torterradark torterraALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF TURTWIG AND GROTLE


serperiorshiny serperiormetallic serperiormystic serperiordark serperiorshadow serperiorALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF SNIVY AND SERVINE

delphoxshiny delphoxmystic delphoxdark delphoxshadow delphoxALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF FENNEKIN AND BRAIXEN

incineroarshiny incineroarmystic incineroarshadow incineroarALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF LITTEN AND TORRACAT

cinderaceshiny cinderacemystic cinderaceshadow cinderaceALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF SCORBUNNY AND RABOOT

dragoniteshiny dragonitemystic dragoniteshadow dragoniteALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF DRATINI AND DRAGONAIR

mimikyushiny mimikyumetallic mimikyumystic mimikyudark mimikyushadow mimikyu

lucarioshiny lucariomystic lucariodark lucarioshadow lucarioALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF RIOLU


ninetales (alolan)shiny ninetales (alolan)metallic ninetales (alolan)mystic ninetales (alolan)dark ninetales (alolan)shadow ninetales (alolan)ALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF VULPIX-ALOLA

rapidash (galarian)shiny rapidash (galarian)metallic rapidash (galarian)mystic rapidash (galarian)dark rapidash (galarian)shadow rapidash (galarian)ALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF PONYTA-GALAR

arcaninemetallic arcaninemystic arcaninedark arcanineALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF GROWLITHE

hydreigonmystic hydreigonshadow hydreigonALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF DEINO AND ZWEILOUS

thievulshiny thievulmystic thievuldark thievulshadow thievulALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF NICKIT

luxraymystic luxraydark luxrayshadow luxrayALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF SHINX AND LUXIO

slurpuffmetallic slurpuffmystic slurpuffdark slurpuffshadow slurpuffALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF SWIRLIX

dubwoolshiny dubwoolmystic dubwooldark dubwoolshadow dubwoolALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF WOOLOO

boltundshiny boltundmystic boltunddark boltundshadow boltundALSO ACCEPTING THESE FORMS OF YAMPER


I am willing to give away:

bouffalantL.18, 9K EXP, Rage, Pursuit, Horn Attack, Revenge

dark aggronL.100, 51,307 EXP, Iron Tail, Rock Slide, Aqua Tail, Iron Head

dark ursaringL.100, 51,873 EXP, Slash, Feint Attack, Hammer Arm, Thrash

dodrioL.99, 49,618 EXP, Uproar, Drill Peck, Pursuit, Endeavor

enteiL.63, 31.5K EXP, Lava Plume, Extrasensory, Bite, Stomp

heatmorL.9, 4.5K EXP, Tackle, Incinerate, Lick, Fire Spin

houndoomL.92, 46,357 EXP, Foul Play, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Smog

kangaskhanL.75, 37,833 EXP, Comet Punch, Bite, Mega Punch, Power-Up Punch

kyurem* L.100, 54,540 EXP, Glaciate, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Voice, Ancient Power

mesprit*L.69, 34.5K EXP, Psychic, Luster Purge, Zen Headbutt, Shadow Ball

metallic altariaL.100, 59,912 EXP, Dragon Breath, Aerial Ace, Take Down, Disarming Voice

metallic combee♂ L.75, 37,833 EXP, Gust, Bug Bite, Air Cutter, Swift

metallic jumpluffL.100, 53,624 EXP, Giga Drain, Acrobatics, Bounce, Hidden Power (Fire)

metallic liepardL.83, 41,833 EXP, Night Slash, Slash, Play Rough, Sucker Punch

metallic maractusL.11, 5,935 EXP, Peck, Absorb, Pin Missile, Mega Drain

metallic xatuL.100, 51,307 EXP, Air Slash, Psychic, Ominous Wind, Future Sight

miltankL.12, 6K EXP, Rollout, Tackle, Stomp, Zen Headbutt

minior (core)L.6, 3K EXP, Tackle, Rollout, Swift, Ancient Power

mystic durantL.59, 29,577 EXP, Vice Grip, Fury Cutter, Bite, Metal Claw

mystic throhL.6, 3K EXP, Bind, Bide, Seismic Toss, Vital Throw

regiceL.100, 52,867 EXP, Ice Beam, Superpower, Bulldoze, Zap Cannon

shadow fearowL.100, 51.572 EXP, Drill Peck, Fury Attack, Pluck, Quick Attack

shadow regigigasL.54, 27K EXP, Crush Grip, Zen Headbutt, Heavy Slam, Earthquake

shiny basculin (red stripe)L.17, 8.5K EXP, Tackle, Water Gun, Bite, Headbutt

shiny bruxishL.8, 4K EXP, Water Gun, Astonish, Confusion, Bite

shiny slakingL.100, 53K EXP, Slash, Fling, Hammer Arm, Chip Away

sigilyphL.10, 5K EXP, Gust, Psywave, Pluck, Secret Power

slugmaL.6, 3K EXP, Smog, Ember, Rock Throw, Incinerate

solrockL.18, 9K EXP, Tackle, Confusion, Rock Throw, Fire Spin

spindaL.13, 6.5K EXP, Tackle, Feint Attack, Psybeam, Dizzy Punch

stantlerL.92, 46,357 EXP, Tackle, Astonish, Hypnosis, Stomp

staraptorL.75, 37,833 EXP, Brave Bird, Take Down, Close Combat, Aerial Ace

stonjournerL.14, 7K EXP, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Stomp, Rock Slide

turtonatorL.11, 5.5K EXP, Ember, Tackle, Smog, Incinerate

volbeatL.12, 6K EXP, Tackle, Quick Attack, Struggle Bug, Confuse Ray

zygardeL.100, 53,777 EXP, Land's Wrath, Outrage, Crunch, Superpower

*I also have Reshiram. If you can fuse Kyurem and Reshiram together in Vortex, PLEASE let me know.

*Is Mesprit supposed to be able to learn Luster Purge in Vortex??



3what3 for entei

Friendsfromfuture for shadow enteireshiram


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still adding Pokemon... (Finished for now!)
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5 hours ago, 3what3 said:

I have entei and can trade it for your suicune it's on trade

ign: 3what3

PM (private message (I don't know how to do the thing where you hide ign's meaning until I put my cursor over it)) me when you've offered Entei, I'll put Suicune up for trade right now. (IGN: That1Dragonarian) Nvm, just saw "it's on trade" lol. Taking Suicune off to offer it.

Edited by That1Dragonarian
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I'm willing to trade the following: 

Dark Mesprit, Dratinire,Shiny Dratinire, Kubfu, Landorus, Metallic Cresselia, Metallic Reshiram, Mystic Porygon, Yveltal, Dialga, Palkia

& a few others like

Shiny Garchomp, Braviary, Staraptor, Dark Talonflame, Infernape, Charizard (Mega X), Shadow Inteleon or a Mystic Inteleon.

I'm looking for the following:  Shiny Treecko, Shiny Mudkip, Shiny Riolu, Shiny Ralts or either of their evolutionary forms & anything else you might be willing to offer. 

If you're interested, message me directly at my IGN - Friendsfromfuture.

Thanks. :)


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I have a 1m xp moltres, will trade for a shiny arceus (form) or other. Plz trade with me if you have 1 😀

Shadow arceus (form) will also do...


If its a good form I might offer necrozma 2m xp!

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I'm looking for a complete set of Dratini's Legendary forms-Dratinice, Dratinire, and Dratinilic.


I'm willing to trade a Lv 100 Goodra, an Mew and a LV 90 Dark Celebi for them. If anyone's interested, please contact me! ^_^

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