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Idea New Special types or event Pokemon submission

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Years and years ago as a young boy I got very excited with trying new ideas, I got a couple things here that I made back then and I was wondering if people would be interested in them being added to the game (unlikely but ya never know). All I want is some feedback on what you guys think about them, they're not state of the art fantastic sprites but simple ideas that could be developed further.

Flame Lugia (or fiery or blazed I can't think of a name for this one)

Frozen Zekrom 

Frozen Rayquaza

Frozen Charizard

Again these are very simple ideas, but any feedback would be appreciated! And yes I know the Lugia isn't finished fully it was a WIP but I'm not sure if I like it and wanted other's opinions first before I finished it.


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Frozen ones look awesome so gratz but i just hope they are not completely frozen so I could battle with them.

But yeh there are so many ideas for new types and such requests have being asked since 1958 and if Patrick hasn't do it yet i barely think he is still hesitating.

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