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Hi everyone. The main cause for this thread is that I'm looking for Shiny Pokemons

The prices that I would like to pay are the next, but we can bargain on the offers, so please, don't take them too literal:

  • 1 Normal Legend = 3 Common Shiny
  • 1 Unique Legend = 1 Rare Shiny or 1 Legend Shiny
  • 1 Normal Starter = 3 Common Shiny
  • 1 Unique Starter = 1 Shiny Starter or 1 Shiny Rare
  • 1 Normal Rare = 3 Common Shiny
  • 1 Unique Rare = 1 Shiny Rare or 1 Shiny Starter


The Pokemons that I have available are (I wil updating the list):

  • Legends

Celebi<x2Dark Celebi Mystic CelebiCobalionMystic CobalionCresseliaShadow CresseliaDark LugiaDeoxysGenesect<x2 Metallic GenesectHeatranJirachiKeldeoKyogreManaphyMetallic MewMetallic PhioneMystic PhioneMystic MespritShadow MespritMystic ShayminDark ShayminMystic TornadusShiny TornadusRegigigasRegisteelShadow DiancieShadow Xerneas (Active)Xerneas (Active)Shaymin (Sky)<x2SuicuneThundurusVirizionZekrom<x2UxieShiny Darkrown

  • Starters

Charizard (Mega X)Dark ChespinFroakieFrogadierGreninjaMetallic OshawottVenusaur (Mega)


  • Rares 

DittoJolteonMetallic RotomMetallic Sandshrew (Alolan)Mystic GlaceonMystic VaporeonPorygon-Z Vulpix (Alolan)Riolu<x3Dark Munchlax


I'm looking mainly for these pokemons:

Shiny StarlyShiny ScatterbugShiny WishiwashiShiny CacneaShiny WingullShiny Shellos (West)Shiny Shellos (East)Shiny Nidoran (M)Shiny SlowpokeShiny MagnemiteShiny ElekidShiny DittoShiny RemoraidShiny MudkipShiny TorchicShiny RaltsShiny ElectrikeShiny FeebasShiny ShuppetShiny Snorunt

Shiny Unown (A)Shiny Unown (C)Shiny Unown (F)Shiny Unown (I)Shiny Unown (M)Shiny Unown (P)Shiny Unown (Q)Shiny Unown (R)Shiny Unown (S)Shiny Unown (T)Shiny Unown (U)Shiny Unown (Y)Shiny Unown (Z)


Baunhelsen is my game username, you can offer

Thanks a lot for your time!

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On 2/1/2019 at 5:08 PM, Scizorene15 said:

My Dark Entei

For: Vulpix (Alolan)or Shiny Darkrown

Sorry, Im looking only for Shiny pokemons




On 2/1/2019 at 11:23 AM, Nutella Navigator said:

Your Shiny Flareon

For my Shiny RaltsShiny Shellos (West)Shiny Magnemite?

Your Dark Chespin

For my Shiny Shuppet

Flareon only for another rare or legend, and for the chespin one common shiny is too cheap, sorry

Edited by Baunhelsen
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