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Option To Claim All Promo Codes At Once

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An option to claim all codes at once would be nice with Category claiming if possible ( ex: Claim all for Pokeballs, Claim All for Stones Etc) when i recently opened 200 boxes there's just lots of promo codes lying around example single stones and single pokeballs etc

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Rich kid. Throw some boxes at meh.


Also, not everyone is as rich as you and everyone enjoys opening boxes one by one. :^_^:

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Just because it only benefits a small subset of players doesn't mean it shouldn't be implemented, lol. If anything, it might encourage more unboxing as it lowers the tediousness of claiming large amounts of (arguably worthless) codes, such as balls and small money codes. I agree with Razor and like the idea of categorical claiming. If you've ever tried claiming and sorting through such a large amount of codes, I'm sure you'd understand as well. 

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