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Block people on Pokebay

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There are certain users who just spam things at ridiculous prices which block up Pokebay. It would make buying much more enjoyable if you could filter out users that you don't want to buy from. 


Another option I wouldn't mind seeing is the option to put in a max/min price filter to be able to narrow down on what you're after a little bit easier!

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Hmm. I'm not shooting your idea down, I'm interested in hearing more about it (specifically blocking other PokeBay sellers) but the "order by lowest price" option kind of achieves everything you're asking, so what's wrong with using that?

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Nice idea @chris

Well "Order by the lowest price" just merges the auctions ending on all dates, i. e., like if one 25k poke is ending on 1st March, another 25k poke it's ending on 3rd March and another one is ending on 5th, it will just show them all together.

This discourages me from bidding as I'll rather keep my money than bidding on something that ends 5 days later lol

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Having a user filter would be nice, cause there are some people who dump relatively useless things like avatars at 30k each, which may get annoying when trying to sort through auctions. I especially like the idea of a min/max price filter. +1 to the ideas!

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I'll explain in more detail. Blocking users specifically would mean that none of the items they sell come up on Pokebay for you. 


Ordering by lowest price does, in theory, enable you to avoid this, but Pokebay is much more useful in time order, not price order. I don't necessarily want to look at everything which is selling for £25,000; I still want to see what's being sold for the tens of millions, I just want to be able to see only those which are being offered at a reasonable price.


The problem is arising as there are a number of users - some of whom I think are alts of each other - who are listing things like avatars for hundreds of thousands, regular legendaries for similar prices, and not actually selling 99% of them. This means that for significant periods of time, that's all you can see on Pokebay. Being able to block those users can let you see offers that you deem reasonable, making Pokebay a more useful function.


If I had to say how I'd do it, I'd potentially have it next to the regular block button on their profile, or have a little cross next to their name on Pokebay. Then have a tab either on the members tab or on the pokebay part which shows your blocked users. 


Being able to filter by certain prices means that you can choose what sort of items you want to target. Putting in a minimum of 1,000,000 because you want to have a look at events, for example. Or a maximum of 3,000,000 because that's all the money you have so don't want to see things which you can't afford. Creates a for efficient buying and selling environment.


On a separate point, if there are users who you see offering great trades or whatever other reason. It could be potentially useful to be able to make them a 'favourite trader', which highlights there trades when they come up. 


I'm on a roll here so I'll offer one more ;) having a notification which informs you when a watched auction is, say, 5 minutes or 30 seconds away from ending could be really useful too, otherwise the watch section is actually a little useless currently, outside of keeping track of something selling a few days away from when you originally saw it.


Sorry for the essay haha! Hope this is useful. 

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On 2/28/2019 at 11:55 PM, KYNO said:

Similar to this topic

I would like if a View Auctions tab is added next to the View Trades tab on the ribbon that comes up when we view someone's profile 

This is the ribbon I'm taking about -





error 404 in that link also you can search the users auction in the search textbox in auctions Mr.Ken.


also @chris it is  an awesome and helpful idea

also @Patrick it would be awesome if the same kind of thing could be applied to trades maybe in which we can block our trades for some people who continuously offer useless/unwanted pokemon in our trades!

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I agree 100% on having the option to block users from appearing on Pokebay. 

To branch out slightly, being able to block users from offering on your trades would be an absolute godsend as well. Some people just offer junk over and over probably hoping you’ll accidentally accept. 

This would really help just by existing, discouraging people from flooding Pokebay or overpricing their auctions constantly.

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