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Idea Add MEE6

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Here's a suggestion. Add the MEE6 bot the discord server. Wheneven i visit it's dead and pretty bland to look at. What MEE6 does is it ranks people by giving them a score of 15 - 25 XP points per message. To stop flood, you only get xp once a minute. You need xp to level up. It also does stuff like delete messages, give permissions blah blah blah

To make people talk more there, you can set up the bot in such a way that it gives roles to people with certain perks. Examples:

You need to type !readrules in #welcome channel to get access to other channels.

You need to type !addquiz in #bot-cpmmands to gain access to the #quiz channel

@Newbie Trainer - level 5 and below

@Trainer - Level 5 (can use global emotes)

@Veteran Trainer - level 15

@Master Trainer - level 25 (access to secret channel)

@Grand Master - level 50 and beyond (send links and upload images)

@Quizzers - people who did !addquiz


This would motivate people to talk more to get the higher role. Hence, more activity

At a point, it asks for 5$/monthly for certain features, but that's up to you.

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Had it before, not happening again.

Mee6 is a terrible way to “encourage talking” all it does is encourage spamming and the bot itself spams too.

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Maybe you hadn't explored it's features deep enough? If you're talking about the level up message being spam, that can be disabled. If the bot encourages spamming, it can also prevent it, i.e mute if 7 messages in a row or no more than 6 emotes per message. I suggest you make a small server with some fifty people in it and try using it there and exploring it's features a little more. If you want, i can dm you some invites to check out how the bot works in certain types of servers.

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I’ve used it on multiple servers with various amounts of people on (Vortex is not my only Discord server)

I know what the bot can do and my point still stands - I don’t like it and will never add it back.

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