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Trading all these Pokemons also mail me your browser offer in game for faster trade


Metallic Guzzlord METTALIC


Zygarde (Complete)

Shadow Golbat (Halloween)SHADOW


Metallic Zapdos

Metallic Alakazam

Arceus (Dark)

Shiny Rayquaza (Mega) SHINY

Floette (Eternal)

Shiny Kyogre SHINY



Shadow Scizor (Mega)SHADOW


Shadow Blastoise (Mega)SHADOW

Metallic KyuremMETTALIC 

Dark ArticunoDARK

Shadow Yveltal. Shadow



Many more see profile list abc511trading everything see my trade list also

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Posted (edited)

I trade my shiny oricorio for Floette Eternal

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men't to add pokemon

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