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Request to fix attacks

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Hello, i wanna share something with you about sableye on pokemon vortex. i need to say, please check this link (for official pokemon game's rules) 


for sableye, it says: ....'Move Tutor moves Sableye can be taught these attacks in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon from move tutors (details): ... -Fire Punch -Focus Punch ... ' there is ' Focus punch' attack there.

i think, if we can add ' Focus Punch ' attack for sableye, it would be great because both of (dark+ghost types) is weak against dark types. yeah, there are some fight type attacks for sableye (from puchasable attacks) but honestly; they not very strong or their accuracy is not high(and i think so, sableye deserve a quality attack :D )

as a result, i didn't write anything. before than making sure, i search for a long time and there is this attack in the official game and Sableye can learn 'Focus punch' attack in the official game. i wanted share this information with you. 

My request is: if you don't mind, would you mind add ' Focus Punch ' attack for sableye's purchasable attacks ?

with my best regards.

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