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Universal trading unique commons

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Hi, im here to put up all my unique commons up for trade( im not gonna list any cuz they are a lot ( still getting more)

my ign is : luisgo3 ( check it out, to request them) i will personally train all the requested pokes to lvl 100, if  the trade is unfair, i will train them even more. max 500k exp per each

the prices are as follow:


7 unique commons : 1 rarePichuEeveeRiolu(ALL MUST BE SHINY/SHADOW/METALLIC)


10 unique commons : 1 unique legend 

13 unique commons: 1 starter BulbasaurSquirtle(ALL MUST BE SHINY/SHADOW/METALLIC)


20 unique commons  for the following Arceus (Dark)Arceus (Electric)Arceus (Water)Deoxys (Attack)Mewtwo (Mega Y)Kyogre (Primal)Rayquaza (Mega)Groudon (Primal) ( for the arceus, they might all be normal, for the others, they must be shadow shiny or metallic)


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