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As Pokémon Vortex gets older, it's visibly clear by Pokémon IDs and the infuriating "That username is not available" notice that the database grows and grows at a rapid rate.

What does this mean? Nothing special really but some of you, like myself, love seeing random little statistics that are calculated and achieved over time so that's what we're here for - Here's some number crunching and milestones reached by Pokémon Vortex in the last 10 years and here's to 10 more beautiful years of Pokémon Vortex!


2009 - 2014 (v1 - v2)

  • 2,817,404 accounts were registered
  • 83,901,600 Pokémon were caught
  • 12,408,733 trades were completed
  • 16,001 players joined the last event
  • 120,000+ Facebook likes accumulated
  • 6,000 Twitter followers accumulated


2014 - 2019 (v3 - v4)

  • 1,113,782 accounts were registered
  • 24,637,964 Pokémon were caught/claimed
  • 198,786 Pokémon were released
  • 526,582,392,322 experience was trained on Pokémon
  • 5,137,089 happiness hearts were obtained on Pokémon
  • 208,101,934 battles were won
  • 6,397,405 battles were lost
  • 4,130,926,739.6 points were accumulated
  • $109,944,664,607 is currently unspent
  • 1,684,032 Wonder Trades were completed
  • 8,069,399 regular trades were completed
  • Pokémon Vortex's Discord server got partnered
  • 2,037,288 daily login rewards were claimed
  • 171,389 eggs were hatched in the Christmas Hatchathon event
  • The Spin2Win event slot machine was spun 8,326,240 times
  • 2,768 players managed to score 1 or more point in the Magikarp Splash April Fool's event
  • $28,367,705,734 was taken in PokéBay tax
  • $283,534,381,082 was spent on PokéBay auctions
  • 1,517,803 PokéBay auctions were created
  • 1,893,699 bids were placed
  • 63,359 auctions were added to players watch lists
  • 974,833 PokéBay auctions went unsold (Lower your prices, people!)
  • 653,579 avatars were unlocked
  • 1,194,837 promo codes were distributed
  • 739,193 promo codes were claimed
  • 216,226 friends were made
  • 498,660 followers were accumulated
  • 29,581 friend requests went unanswered  : (
  • 19,957 players were blocked
  • 2,307 Players linked their Pokémon Vortex account to their Discord account
  • 8,379 Clans were founded
  • 34,252 players joined forces as a clan
  • 7,477 players were kicked from clans
  • 974,899 clan battles were victorious
  • 15,982 clan battles were lost
  • 1,347,641 messages were sent
  • 17,499 Pokémon were nicknamed


A fun little hypothetical one I worked out:

If every Pokémon's experience was combined to one Pokémon and there was no maximum level cap, That Pokémon would be a whopping Level 1,053,164,784


Sorry there aren't more statistics pre-v3 :( 

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Thanks for the stats, and here's to 10 more years of bans, trades, and millions more pokemon caught!

2 hours ago, fodnbilal said:

How many pokes did i nickname? :P





Edited by eurstin
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7 hours ago, fodnbilal said:

Sorry but i don't understand big guy. :(

When you started nicknaming pokemon, munchlax got enraged and bodyslammed arceus. Arceus fainted. :(

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12 hours ago, culboi said:

When you started nicknaming pokemon, munchlax got enraged and bodyslammed arceus. Arceus fainted. :(

:><:munchlax is a psycho.The nicknaming thing didn't last for long because munchlax threatened arceus, munclax hates arceus :( 

Munchlax: Remove all your nicknames you filthy arceus or i'm gonna steal your  lottery tickets food

Arceus: sir please don't do that,i didn't know that....

Munchlax: Oh,shut up you've been told not to do that countless times.


And like that i could not nickname anything :( 

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Has it really been that long? I remember when Pokemon Crater went down and I was devastated, not long after Pokemon Vortex came into existence and help fill that void. I've have been playing since v1. So what I have to say is thank you Patrick and the rest of the PV team!


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