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1.We can know the value of a pokemon or item in the month we choose

2.Pokemon Vortex can enable ads so that people can see them and earn in-game rewards

3.Disable the option that "You are are bidding too fast"

4.This suggestion is a bug it is that if one user is in my friends list,the user cannot see my name on his/her friends list(for example)if realkidrich is my friend list he cannot see my name on his friends list so when he sends me a friend request and i try to accept it it keeps on loading i would appreciate if u fixed this bug 

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1. By using the !value command in the bot commands channel of the Vortex Discord server, you can see a Pokémon's value.
2. Ads are already enabled on Pokémon Vortex. There are currently no rewards for them. They're just there.
3. The 'you are bidding too fast' option was added to avoid spam bidding to win auctions. It also stops the possibility of someone paying way too much compared to what they want if someone else gives a really high bid before them.
4. I don't know much about this one, unfortunately.

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