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The Artist Guild [TAG] is having its first Pokemon Vortex Art Contest!

Starting: Today!

Deadline: July 6th


IT'S A DRAW! But there can be only one winner!

Create, perfect, sketch or just doodle your favorite pokemon and send it to TBarksArt@Gmail.com, as well as submit it in this thread,

for a chance to win The Artist Guilds very first contest!

The art will be judged by the members of TAG and a winner will be selected on technique, skill, imagination, and overall Poke-ness.

THE WINNER will receive 1 free art voucher for TreyBarks* to draw any pokemon of their choosing, as well as 1 Arceus(Water)493 and 1 Metallic Smeargle.235

(Love art AND Pokemon of any kind? Join the Artist guild [TAG] today!)


*TreyBarks (Me) is a professional and published fulltime artist, whos work can be viewed HERE

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3 hours ago, VITOL said:


How on earth would this be considered spam.

Its a user made event created for the sole purpose of enacting lively activity within the forums and fanbase and a chance to create art centered around what Pokemon Vortex is all about, while also relishing the possibility of winning free art and pokemon. You should double check. 

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