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Report Pokemon vortex scammed me

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I bought a burn drive during the 'genesect genesis v1' event. Pokémon vortex never mentioned in the description of the event how to put the burn drive on a genesect, or that you could only turn a genesect into a genesect (blaze) during whilst the event was still active. I demand a refund from Pokémon vortex, as the burn drive cost me 147192 pokedollars.

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I looked back at the Youtube video I made about this event, and in that I was able to read most of the information about the event that was listed on the Forums. In that, it says that once you have a Burn Drive (won via auction) you need to head over to the Event Center and use it on a Genesect you own. The FAQ in that same post says you didn't need Event Tickets to open the Event Center, you could go in immediately. So that half of your statement in this topic seems to be untrue. You likely missed that piece of information.

As for stating you could only use the Burn Drives during the event, in my quick search I've been unable to confirm nor deny if anything was said about the topic. I believe I knew it had to be done during the event, but I've been around for a while and know that this is generally the case. I do agree that this should always be listed, especially for those that might be new to Vortex events. It was listed for how long the Burn Drive auctions would show up, but I don't recall saying something about the Event Center specifically.

All in all, I don't know or remember how clearly (if at all) it was stated up to what point you could change your Genesect into Genesect (Blaze). However, it was definitely mentioned where to make this change; the Event Center. This was in the main topic of the Event. It seems like you overlooked this.


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