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7 hours ago, ashgreninjaserina said:

Dude it has been a month and five days. This has been unanswered and I wold like an answer soon. When do we trade. You already oked this offer, so when we trade?

No, thanks

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On 7/15/2019 at 11:04 AM, okt08 said:

My pokemons for trade



 Shiny AbraShiny Alomomola ,Shiny AronShiny AxewShiny AzelfShiny CaterpieShiny ClamperlShiny ClefairyShiny CrobatShiny DarkrownShiny DarumakaShiny DeinoShiny DiglettShiny EkansShiny EnteiShiny ExeggcuteShiny FerroseedShiny GastlyShiny GeodudeShiny Gyarados (Mega)Shiny HeatranShiny HeracrossShiny IllumiseShiny JigglypuffShiny KangaskhanShiny KarrablastShiny KingdraShiny KrabbyShiny LaprasShiny Latias (Mega)Shiny Latios (Mega),Shiny LedybaShiny LitleoShiny LitwickShiny LotadShiny MachopShiny MagbyShiny MagnemiteShiny MawileShiny Misdreavus , Shiny MurkrowShiny NatuShiny NumelShiny OnixShiny PachirisuShiny PanchamShiny PhantumpShiny PlusleShiny PoliwagShiny PonytaShiny RaikouShiny SandileShiny SandshrewShiny ScytherShiny SentretShiny ShellderShiny ShuppetShiny SlakothShiny SlugmaShiny Snorlax,Shiny SphealShiny StantlerShiny StaryuShiny TaillowShiny Tapu Bulu , Shiny TeddiursaShiny TentacoolShiny VirizionShiny VoltorbShiny WailmerShiny WhirlipedeShiny ZubatShiny WynautShiny Furfrou



IM LOOKING FOR :   Shiny Charmander,  Shiny Bulbasaur ,  Shiny Squirtle , Shiny ChimcharShiny Dratini,Shiny Pichu


Im online all day . Nice hunt!

What would you want for snorlax of darkrown?

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On 8/12/2019 at 4:07 PM, ArkiPunk_777 said:

Could I trade my shiny clamperl for your shiny Shuppet ?


On 9/15/2019 at 2:44 AM, Legendarisk2 said:

I got a Shiny Pichu if u want to offer for it? 


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