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Idea Minimize training and anti botters

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Adding captcha on every 1million exp trained ..or number of battles or randomly..


*help the game to be more fair same time allow the game to earn itself tru solve captcha

*It removes the risk factor of trading experience and later losing it because it turned out to be trained illegitimately.



*annoy botters...  Same time those who train like there's no tommorow...

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There are already measures in place to detect suspicious activity, while not interfering with a legitimate player's gaming experience (captchas are generally very disliked).

As far as unknowingly trading for illegitimate exp, I personally recommend only trading with trustworthy users. A few things to keep in mind: If a deal is too good to be true, it likely is. If the account is very empty and not much has been done on it apart from training the poke they're trading off, avoid. If they're being very urgent/insistent on trading quickly, avoid.

Our discord server also has a way to see how recently something has been trained and by who, which is a very valuable function.

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