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Hello guy's
i'm making a trade shop 
so if you want any legendary pokemon from my Trade list
please reply


ign: agha23

Normal: Azelf.pngDarkrai.pngDiancie.pngGiratina.pngHo-oh.pngKeldeo.pngKyogre.png Kyurem.pngLugia.png Mew.png Rayquaza.png Reshiram.png Shaymin.png Suicune.pngTapu%20Bulu.pngTapu%20Lele.pngTerrakion.pngThundurus.pngTornadus.pngType-Null.pngXerneas%20(Active).png 2x Yveltal.png Zekrom.png
Dark: Dark%20Celebi.pngDark%20Giratina.pngDark%20Keldeo.pngDark%20Kyurem.png

Mystic: Mystic%20Yveltal.png Mystic%20Zekrom.png 

shadow: 2x Shadow%20Azelf.pngShadow%20Darkrai.pngShadow%20Phione.pngShadow%20Yveltal.png

Shiny: Shiny%20Suicune.pngShiny%20Yveltal.png
These are few legends if trading now
LF: Pd's , missing legends 
https://paste.ee/p/Yis1y or other offer's

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Hi. I dont have super good pokemon, but tell me anything you want from my UTFs. I can also pump up my UTF pokemon's level. Or evolve them.

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hello, my nick in the game is letcris, i have some pokemon you're looking for, can we chat for the game?

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