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Hi guys this is a trading shop for the pokes I’m looking for. I mainly want to trade my pokes for the pokes I need but will also accept good pokes that I already have and will be training a bit of exp. If I haven’t listed a poke and you were wondering whether I would be willing to trade for it then leave me a comment about what poke it is. Finally I would like to make you aware that if you offer basic pokes I will ignore you and if you’re offer is very bad I will definitely not accept it.


What I need:

fossil pokes(all apart from kabuto and omanyte)

level 6(ONLY!!!) immune pokes.(these pokes are all of the pokes from the following types-flying, normal, fairy, dark, ghost, steel and ground.)

shiny legends

unique starters

furfrou forms

mystery boxes

arceus unown 

unique arceus forms

snorlaxite/snorlax mega

arbokite/arbok mega

unique mewtwo evolution

donation pokes

primals/ orbs


unique pichu Xmas 

cubone vader

kyurem white

ultra beasts(especially poipole and necrozma)


Stuff I’m offering

mystic furfrou la reine

metallic genesect ice 

dark omastar

exp(depends on the poke)

arceus ice


floette eternal



any of my unique or normal leggies (check ign:IKmaster100)


Porygon shield + sword

rotom spin + cut

Normal starters

vivillion pokeball 


zygarde partial


im also training small amounts of exp in return for money



100k exp - 100kpds

200k exp - 200kpds

300kexp - 300kpds

400kexp - 400kpds

500kexp - 500kpds


have a good day folks



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