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Both Creating Auctions - Needs a Better Process

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Right - so one thing I've been noticing is how slow it is to list anything on pokebay, especially if you are doing so in bulk. I'll put forward my three main examples, plus ideas of fixes.


1. Listing from 'View All Pokemon'


I recently mass sold all my duplicate legendaries I'd had built up since the game came out. It is painfully slow to go to view all pokemon, search for the pokemon, then press the sell button, and then type in the price (then repeat for each one). Instead, I had to right click and open in a new tab for each one, which, while faster, should not be the solution.


Idea: Create a 'pop-up' that enables you to sell with out leaving the page. This could either be done by using the menu on the side, similar to when you click on a Pokemon's name, or as a small window. Either way, you could then quickly list the Pokemon as desired.


2. Listing from 'Item Inventory - Promo Codes'


This is probably applicable across the whole item section, but it has been more tedious from this screen, so that's what I will focus on. Let's say you decide to buy mystery boxes, you don't need any mega stones etc, so you pack them up to sell; you've now got a long list of codes to sell. You now have to go through, one-by-one, and press the auction button, put in the price, then go back to item inventory, back to promo codes. This is such a slow process. Unlike with the previous example, you cannot right click the button and open in a new tab so there is no work around here.


Idea: Either the same as example one; or, have a text box to the left of the auction button where you can type in a price and just press the button. It would be important that pressing the button would not take you to a new page. But if it did, like it currently does, it would be useful to have a 'back' button to speed up the process.


3. Relisting 'Unsold Auctions'


Very similar to the previous example. Long winded process which could be much more player-friendly if it were quicker. On top of the above, if you have to relist a large number of unsold auctions, it can often be tricky remembering what you have or haven't relisted.


Idea: Once again, pop-up/text box as suggested in the previous two examples would be massively helpful. An indicator of the status of the unsold Pokemon would be genuinely useful, also. For example: you could either have a status column saying 'active', 'unsold', 'sold', or maybe even having the name of the Pokemon in green, yellow and red to indicate its status.


Sorry this was long winded - but feel like this QOL feature could be really useful. Feel free to message me if you want anything clarifed :)




I'm gonna chuck some other bits I think are needed below.


1. Direct link to Pokemart - I'm sure this has been mentioned multiple times, but would be a big time saver.


2. A way to narrow down searches for Pokemon. E.g. if you search 'Shaymin', only have Shaymin and not Shaymin (Sky) show up. Possibly make it so if you put it speech marks, it will only return that string - but including all uniques. This could be when changing team, viewing pokemon, searching in an auction.


3. When changing your team, it would be great if your search stayed after you change your team. So if I'm mass evolving Igglybuff, and I type that in, I swap out my first Pokemon, the page will reset and my remaining Igglybuff will be there, ready to trade. This is similar to how it works if you click on 'normal', 'dark' etc., as the search terms will remain.


4. Same as above but for the 'View All Pokemon' page. If I'm on the page and do one of the actions, it would be nice if the search saved when going back onto it. Also, to have a 'back' button to enable this on pages like the 'change attacks' and 'evolve' screens.


5. Same as above but for the auction page. After making a bid, it would be great to be able to go back and continue with the search I had already done.


6. A notification to be sent if someone tries to message you and you have your messages off. The amount of times I go to reply, but cannot because the sender has their messages sent off. It would be great if they could receive a message saying 'User has tried to message you, please turn on your replies if you would like to see this.'



I'll leave it there as I realise I've suggested an absolute ton. Thanks for reading and hope you consider these QOL ideas :)






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