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Hello everyone!!


So I have been playing the game for a little while and want to get an experts opinion about the best way to get XP, money, Pokemon, etc. Or maybe even just one of those.


So to start I use the trainer accounts to level up my Pokemon to 100 to get my XP higher and I get a decent amount of cash. Then I splurge sometimes in PoKeBay and I get a Pokemon here and there. Is there a better way to get cash than this? Or is there anything else I can do? 


That's all I got everyone. I am excited to hear what some of you experts and veterans have to say. 


You guys can add me @call_memike on the main game or shoot me a follow!


Anyways, thank you if you do reply. 


Happy catching. 



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In terms of Quick/Easy EXP, I made a tutorial video on that, which I will link below. It should cover every detail there is regarding EXP training.

As for money, PokéBay is certainly an option of you own very rare Pokémon or if you have (trained up to) high-EXP Pokémon.
Outside of that using low-level Pokémon with immunities (6 is the lowest level, and recommended). Using these in battles against their specific training accounts (mentioned in my video) gives you a lot of money from a single battle.


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