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Idea Introduce Weather events to the game?

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As seen in the main game, we know there's certain weather events such as rainy storms, hail, intense sunlight, sandstorm, etc...


-The rain increases water-type damage and decreases fire type. Electric and wind (flying) type moves get higher accuracy.

-Hail chips off the health of pokemon after each turn. Ice types are buffed.

-Intense sunlight improves fire type moves, reduce water type efficiency, and everyone is immune to freezing

-Sandstorms improve rock, steel, ground types, increase chance of pokemon to miss more.


It would certainly be interesting if the overworld generated random weathers or battles randomly generated weather to improve pokemon exp grinding and battling in general. Of course normal weather battles are also present too and more predominant.

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This doesn't seem bad at all. although I question why in the first place. To me this sounds cool in a way but how would this work out? Do we need animations for it to make it more authentic or a sound that lets us know about a sudden change? Also I like the creativity on this idea as it would be cool to add these things to the game for future adventures and fun. 

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