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Universal Trainings you look for!!!!!

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Hey Guys This is Anvesh64Greninja


I have started my level up Service in the Game :D
The Service will be extremely cheap.

Lets Talk About Price now;

 As i am doing it in bulk we will start of with 10 Pokemons - Costing 450k to 500k

20 Pokemons - 900k

25 Pokemons - 1.1M

50 Pokemons - 2.5 to 2.7M

75 Pokemons - 3.5M

100 Pokemons Depends - 5M+


Also , I am Doing Exp Training 500k to 1M Exp Each trainer.

Costs Are 500k exp - 500k

1M - 950k


I am Negotiable so if u want to trade a pokemon worth the training we can do that aswell!!!!

Items are also accepted!!!!!





Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!




Feel Free to add me - Anvesh64  and Msg me.

The deals will be negotiable so plz msg me with your offer!!!!!

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