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Resolved Earning Half Points in Seasonals?

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Recently a friend has brought to me the attention that I've been earning half points from claiming codes and training lvl 6 and 7 immunes?


Claiming a cosmog code = 100 pts

lvl 6-7 immune battles = 35-50 pts 

Battling using a lvl 100 poke gives only 3pts/battle while the value should be around 10pts/battle


This morning we tested the code claiming further by claiming 2 codes with pokes not present in my box

-Claiming a pikachu (belle) gave about 1.5K pts increase

-claiming a keldeo (resolute) gave 200K pts

-claiming a litleo gave near 1K pts


May I know the amount of points earn't regularly for claiming codes and doing immune battles for lvl 6 and 7 pokes?


Is this an error or bug to my account and when would it be fixed? Thanks.



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You're mistaken on how points work, there is no set amount per action, it's a math formula built of many factors based on your specific account like total experience, average experience, battle count, unique Pokemon and total Pokemon.

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