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Universal Trade Them All (Updated Daily - 21/02)

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My trade list 


Metallic Azumarill, Dark crobat


Dark Manaphy, Dark Shaymin (Sky), Metallic Lugia, Metallic Manaphy, Metallic Mew, Metallic Suicine, Shadow Shaymin, Shadow Victini, Shadow Regice, Shiny Celebi, Mystic Mesprit, Dark Moltres, Metallic Celebi, Metallic Entei, Mystic Suicine, Mystic Cresselia


Unique Legends for Unique Legends or Pokedollars

Unique Legends or pokedollars for Happiness Pokemon


Needed Legendaries: Tapu Koko (shiny), Tapu bulu (shiny), Tapu fini (shiny), Landorus (dark), Heatran (shiny), Registeel (shiny), Victini (shiny), Latias (shadow), Latios (Metallic), Thundurus (shiny), Articuno (mystic), Coballion (shiny), Groudon (dark, Metallic), Arceus (shiny Metallic dark shadow), Type Null (mystic), Diancie (dark, dark)


if you want to trade just PM me.


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