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Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Eevee

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Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Eevee


On Wednesday June 3rd at 10:00am BST, Pokémon Vortex will be going down for maintenance for approximately two hours.

During this maintenance, the only noticeable change upon being able to log in again will be the changes that are being made to Eevee's evolution methods which are the following:

  • Eevee will now evolve into Leafeon using a Leaf Stone instead of a Moss Rock
  • Eevee will now evolve into Glaceon using an Ice Stone instead of an Ice Rock


Why are these changes happening?

    When Leafeon and Glaceon were first introduced into Pokémon Vortex, their evolution methods were based as closely as possible to their evolution methods of Diamond and Pearl which was to level up Eevee near a Moss or Ice rock in the world to evolve to the respective Eeveelution.

In generation 8 of Pokémon (Sword & Shield) this seems to have been changed to now use items that already existed and have other uses which suits Pokémon Vortex well as we can now remove the items Moss & Ice Rock since they only had that one single use; to evolve Eevee.



  • You will have until this maintenance period to use up any excess of these items you may have.
  • From the date of this notice, you will no longer be able to list these items for sale on PokéBay.
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