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Idea Concept of an Idea (Monsterverse- Ghidorah)

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So I watched Godzilla:King of monster's today and I saw the raw and true power of King Ghidorah the Three headed monster so why not have a Hydreigon event where the coloring of it will be golden and will have bat-like wings so it has a Ghidorah like look. Maybe this event could be done on November 3 or at any time this is just an idea.

Features of Pokemon:

It has golden skin with bat-like wings
Its Electric and Dragon type
Base moves: Charge beam/Volt switch ,Thunderbolt , Draco Meteor, Zing zap and others
Can be only caught in Ice maps

Usage of Hydreigon as the event Pokemon
Has spawn rate of legendary Pokemon

Hope you like it and implement it ..... And plz bring back live map and make this public event no usage of event tickets plz cause some of our siblings also play so only one account gets the event ticket... Sorry if my English is bad and developers who see this plz implement coz the last idea I posted no one responded

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