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Answered How do I switch between different regions for the Sidequests


Hello, I'm new and when I'm doing the sidequests it says I'm in the Kanto region. How do I switch between the different regions?


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You cannot switch between regions in Sidequests. You have to complete them one by one. You can reset them if you are trying to get different rewards from the regions but you will have to start from the first again. The Sidequest regions in order are :

1) Kanto
2) Johto
3) Sevii islands
4) TCG islands

5) Orange islands
6) Hoenn
7) Almia


9) Sinnoh

10) Unova

11) Kalos
10) Alola

 For more information about the number of battles per region and the reward list go and see it in https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Sidequests



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