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Who Did You Catch Today?

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It's pretty self explanatory, just post some pokemon you caught today that were cool, or that you were looking for

I caught a Zygarde (Cell) went back on the map, moved two spaces and found aShiny Zygarde (Cell)then went back on the map and IMMEDIATELY found aVirizion

Also caught a Mystic Latiasand anotherVirizion


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Just like an ordinary morning logged in and picked the map I was on before.


But today I ended up facing a Shiny Xerneas (Active) as soon as I was thrown on the map. :D 


For dem 'pics or it didnt happen'.



Thanks for making this cool thread by the way.


Update: Also encountered a Shadow Latias and a Dark Tornadus besides a few uniques! 

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last night, which was the last time i was on i spent 20 minutes searching before i went to bed
i walked over Genesect and Uxie
BUuUuT i caught Dark Diancie,Cobalion, AAANANANDNNDDD Metallic Jirachi

And i also caught this earlyer in the day while playing randomly on my phone Zygarde(On Mobile!) 
So for the little i got to play yesterday it was pretty exciting :)

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3 hours ago, DarkraiXXX said:

2 steps and found a Mystic Celebi4 steps and found 2 normal cells and a core

4 min later after switching to night found a Shadow Yveltal AND Shadow Azelf

How u can catch cell and core, that was only for zygarde event?

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