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Both A couple ideas on avatars and the avatar dex

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Improving the avatar size and border on the profile page:


Currently, the size of the avatar on your profile seems way too small to be viewed properly, it's almost as if it's being hidden rather than shown off. I propose to increase the size and change it to a more circular shape such as this:



I think a change like this will really spark peoples motivation to hunt for avatars that look the best instead of just using the first one they can find.


Option to search for avatars in your inventory:


This ones pretty self explanatory and might already by planned to be added soon but if not, then an option to search for a specific avatar you're looking for in your inventory will be very helpful. As of now, you have to scroll through your whole list trying to find the one you want and it takes way too long, especially if it takes a while for it to load in the first place.


thats pretty much all i had to say, thank you and leave any questions/improvements that you may have in the comments :^)

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Yes I also agree with you. The avatar would look nicer if a bit bigger :)

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