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Before you go about posting a new trade topic, be aware of the following rules:

  • All Global Rules Apply.
  • The creator or acquaintances (say if the topic is a joint trade thread) may bump the trade thread every two days.
  • You cannot create a new trade thread until your previous one is at least 2 weeks old.
  • You must have at least 6 Pokémon listed/posted for trade. (No just posting "check my IGN")
  • No Begging someone for a trade.
  • No selling accounts at all.
  • If someone disagrees with your trade, simply move on. Do not try to start a fight or begin to flame/harass.


Good Example:



Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Trade Thread!

Here are my rules and rates:

<Yes you can have your own rules for your topic. Anything not fitting into the criteria of previous rules will result in deletion of that rule or worse, deletion of the thread>

<Rates will go here and are determined by the topic creator and the Vortex Community>

This is what I have for Trade:

Normal Pokemon

CyndaquilDratiniPikachuSquirtleFroakie x3 Chikorita

Unique Pokemon

Shiny SmeargleDark BunearyShiny Munchlaxx2 Shadow InkayMetallic BeldumMystic Gastlyx2 Dark Abra

Normal Legendaries

ZapdosLandorusx3 DialgaDiancieHo-ohKyogre

Unique Legendaries

Shadow Celebix2 Shiny LugiaShiny RayquazaDark GroudonMetallic PalkiaMystic Latios



Bad Example:



hi every1 

welcome 2 my trading thred 


-no noob offers, only shiny leggies

-i will report any1 who down my ratz

-my shinies 4 ur 12 metallics, bcuz i lik them more

if u want 2 see what i hav, check my IGN: snibbidysnabs

make sure 2 give +1rep 2 my thread lol



Trading Tips

  • Try to keep your thread organized and make your rules and rates clear to all users.
  • Don't go crazy with fonts - it's messy and painful to read
  • If you have a lot of spare Pokémon you would like to trade, DO NOT post all 80 pk tags (Lags up the forum). Instead of embedding images of each Pokémon, try just using text of the Pokémon you're trading.
  • If you have a text list of Pokémon, but it is extremely long, try including in the list somewhere "Use Control + F to find what you're looking for".
  • You can link your IGN in your thread, but you still have to have at least 6 Pokémon posted.
  • Reply coherently. Coherently meaning no emoticons every single reply and no crazy font or colored text.
  • Experience Trading is determined by the user. Make sure you set rates on what kind of Pokémon is worth what to you. ("Normal Pokémon are equal to x exp. Unique Pokemon are equal to x exp." etc)
  • Rates can be trivial and are determined by the user, but keep in mind that all Normal Pokémon have the same encounter rate, Normal Legendaries have the same encounter rate, and all Unique Pokémon have the same encounter rate, and all Unique Legendaries have the same encounter rate. If you feel as if you are being cheated or the rates are unfair, do not propose the trade.


Example of Same Encounter Rates:

Smeargleand OddishEncounter Rates are the same.

Smeargleand Shiny EeveeEncounter Rates are different.

Shiny Smeargleand Shiny OddishEncounter Rates are the same.

Metallic Smeargleand Shiny OddishEncounter Rates are the same.

Azelfand RayquazaEncounter Rates are the same.

Azelfand Shiny RayquazaEncounter Rates are different.

Shiny Azelfand Shiny RayquazaEncounter Rates are the same.

Trading Lingo

There are a lot of terms that get thrown around in trading threads. Here are a few:

  • IGN - In game name, meaning the one posting's account.
  • UFT - Up for trade, meaning whatever the poster is offering.
  • Unique(s) - Unique is any Pokémon that isn't a normal, so in this case Metallic, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Shadow.
  • Leggy/Leggies - Crude abbreviation of "Legendary Pokémon".
  • EXP - You know, Experience.


Have fun!

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Cleaned up topic and updated some info no longer relevant to v4.
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