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News Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Badges

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Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Badges


On Monday July 13th at 16:00 BST, Pokémon Vortex will be going down for maintenance for approximately two hours.

During this maintenance a new system will be put in to place that changes how badges and legendary Pokémon spawns work on players accounts.


In preparation for gen 8 to be added to Pokémon Vortex, you will now only be required to finish a specific region's badges to find legendary Pokémon that originate from that region. For example, you will only need the 8 gym badges from Johto to be able to find Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi on the maps.

Elite 4s, Champions and Battle Frontiers are no longer part of the legendary unlock criteria and have been separated to their own battle category called "Leagues" as well as no longer showing their completion status in the badges section of public profiles viewed in the members side tab.

The Kalos Battle Maison has been removed completely.





Medals for each region will be visible on your private profile pages to signify whether or not you have unlocked that region's legendary Pokémon spawns.

(They will be grayed out and blurred if you have not yet unlocked it. They also have info on hover that will tell you more) 






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