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Universal giveaway!

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On 7/17/2020 at 5:01 PM, Firegolem47 said:

This is the first giveaway winner. CONGRATULATIONS @tazzer


You won a palkia! 


Sorry you didnt get the thing you wanted. But you still won. Offer a poke you dont want on the palkia in trades. I will accept

i have putted a pokemon in trades so please accept it and give me dialga

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7 hours ago, porymon said:

Ign porymon.

I'll take the shiny necrozma

You can offer it on my metallic magikarp uft.


That is not how it works. I won’t just give it to you. You have to win the giveaway


6 hours ago, TheFirstGarchomp1 said:

so when is the next giveaway?
just curious...


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On 7/16/2020 at 6:02 PM, Firegolem47 said:

Please follow me in game and on forums


This is a random giveaway where every week you just upvote this or put a comment with your ign. Remember this is a random giveaway. You could get a magikarp or you may get a shiny necrozma. These are the odds


Common= %59

Unique common =%20

Rare = %10

Unique rare =%5

Legendary = %10

Unique legendary = %5

Ultra beast = %1



%59 + %20 + %10 + %5 + %10 + %5 + %1 = %110

You're not good in maths-_- 


Also, DO NOT ask ppl to follow u in game/forums as condition for this or future giveaways. That's against Global Forum Rules!!!


Pls, read ALL THE RULES  before posting...


Also, when creating a topic.... post in the correct section.... this should be in "Giveaway" section....


@Patrick pls

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