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Hi guys and welcome to an idea my mind just thought of.


I think we should make a map called Titan Island for a duration of time and you can catch Volcanion (Can be Shiny, Mystic, Dark, etc)on that map..


But you can get 1 event ticket automatically for only the duration of time and go to Event Center and unlock the area.


There should be a temple at the end of the map where you must venture to the end and see Volcanion in the overworld!


And then the battle begins when u click step forward.


Event Details:


How long: 2 weeks

How to access the map: Event Center(automatic ticket)

Can the Volcanion be Shiny?: Yes

What level is it?: 115

Can you encounter other Pokemon?: No, just the temple Volcanion

Signature Move?: Yes, it will have Steam Eruption

How many may participate?: As long as you do it in time, everybody can.



Any other ball will have half catch rate

There are trapdoors in the temple and if you step on them you are transported back to the beginning

This is to make it challenging


If you have thoughts on the idea or i didnt provide enough details, drop a comment down below and thanks for the feedback all!


Thanks  Darshil_Irex for thoughts!

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It's a good Idea but I think it won't be that challenging coz people will have master balls and even can catch it easily so the purpose of the event is destroyed and within that duration of time mostly everyone would have caught them and finished the dex which makes them useless and worth like 100k in the auctions

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