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Welcome to a hub for my ideas, and I hope to see positive feedback on them:


1. Abilities


The competitive edge of pokemon not only relies on stats and moves, but abilities help determine them too. Some strong pokemon are given meh abilities to balance them out and i think we should give these pokemon the abilities they have the most recently of gens.


2. Stats


Like I mean, each move has BP in this game but the damage is always set for us, and so we should gather the stats they have and take them into account for things like Alakazam


3. Natures


Not that important but its a competitive importance, they just either do nothing or raise a stat in exchange for lowering another stat


4. Status moves in the wild


This is kinda flawed game because of not being able to use status moves on wild 'mons because sleep and paralysis increase Pokemon's catch rate and can help wear down a hard opponet to face.


5. Game Story


This would be great but i wouldnt care that much if you dont but its a thought.


6. Certain moves gaining their original effects


Just an idea to make moves like Crush Grip do their actual stuff


Cuz Crush Grip is one of those moves that vary in BP based on opponnet HP


And please help me spell opponet correctly LOL

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Nobody knows what pogchamp means

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