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What Type (Dark, Shiny...) Do You Have the Most Trouble Finding?

What Type Do You Have the Most Trouble Finding?  

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  1. 1. What type do you have the most trouble finding?

  2. 2. What type do you like best?

    • Dark, 'cuz they're strong.
    • Dark. Come to the Dark Side. (I am evil.)
    • Metallic. They have the most defense! They make a perfect team!
    • Metallic, because I love metal ores.
    • Mystic. I like to scare people's pokemon with them.
    • Mystic. I like to scare people.
    • Mystic. They're so... mystical... and they are so entrancing...
    • Shadow, becausemy heart is shadowed about other people's pokemon.
    • Shadow. I always get hit with status effects...
    • Shinies are pretty!
    • I am a meowth. Of course I like shinies.
    • Shinies are SO amazing for all their HP...
    • I like trickiness, so I prefer normals.
    • I like traditional-looking pokemon, so I prefer normals.

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