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On 9/6/2020 at 7:33 PM, jojojobany said:

Hello is have some cool Pokemon for trade go to my profile on Pokemon vortex jojojobany then look at my Pokemon and comment here which one you want

pikachu-professor Pikachu

BulbasaurcharmandersquirtleKanto Starters Really want


chikoritacyndaquiltotodileJohto starters Really want


treeckotorchicmudkipHoenn starters Really want

turtwigchimcharpiplupSinnoh starters Really want


snivytepigoshawottUnova starters really want


chespinfennekinfroakieKalos starters Really want


rowletlittenpopplioAlola starters Really want


grookeyscorbunnysobbleGalar starters Really want                                                                                                                                          pikachu (jedi)professor pikachu look at my Jedi costume well make sure to follow jojojobany





I can trade you an oshawott and an evolved scorbunny (the scorbunny is only evolved once but I could fully evolve it if you'd like), and I have a greninja.


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