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Idea Automatically relist unsold auctions

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Random idea I had when seeing someone with 20+ pages of items on Pokebay and thinking about the hassle it'd be to relist those items.
Crappy mock-up:


  • automatically relist unsold auctions until they are sold or taken down and remove the hassle of going through each item to relist 
  • could provide strong motivation to buy a premium membership if it were added alongside the other auction-related benefits


  • people listing a tonne of random items on Pokebay not having to worry about relisting, consequently clogging the market 
    • a relisting cap kinda removes the entire purpose of the feature - maybe stop auto-relisting items that haven't sold x amount of times?
  •  issues with promo code expiration? 
    • stop auto-relisting 1 day before expiration date

uh yeet

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