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Can't claim Pikachu (Jedi)

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As I logged in and try to claim Pikachu (Jedi) today I got a message that I was unable to claim it since I already did so..
However I didn't... Is the pikachu IP bound? in that case it could be that my brother already claimed it, however i'd like it aswell.

Also tried to evolve my normal Pikachu but that didn't solve the problem either.


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5 hours ago, DeMerican said:

It is probably because it is IP bound so you can only get one Pikachu per server

May The Forth Be With Chu' Shiny Pikachu (Jedi)

It seems like that is the case considering that my sister couldn't claim one after I did. It seems like that's the only way to prevent users from claiming multiple pikachu's with numerous accounts. Moral of the story: Be the first to claim things like this on the same IP address :)


An example of this would be the user Smosh1. He has 40 accounts (Smosh2, Smosh3, etc.). Nothing can really be done about that...

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