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Just a Basic, first to solve gets the prize.

If you complete the puzzle but do not solve it you will not win.

The harder the round the better the prize.

Claim it ASAP.

This will be my final post for I am leaving Vortex.



Round 1 (StarPonyta WON) Music


Round: Easy

Prize : Diancie%20(Mega).gifVivillon%20(Sun).gif

Round 2 (RNGCharizard) Video Games

Until Dawn

Round: Medium

Prize: Rotom%20(Halloween).gifDark%20Blastoise.gifZygarde%20(Partial).gif

Round 4 (STARTED) Trends


Round: The Fire

Prize: Shiny%20Zygarde%20(Partial).gifShiny%20Virizion.gifKyurem%20(Black).gifKyurem%20(White).gif

Round 5 and above (UNKNOWN)


Shiny%20Excadrill.gif3.2 mill Shadow%20Tornadus.gifMystic%20Missingno..gifMystic%20Rotom%20(Halloween).gifMetallic%20Vivillon%20(Sun).gifAerodactyl%20(Mega).gifMetallic%20Latios.gifMystic%20Latios.gifShadow%20Latios.gifShiny%20Latios.gifShadow%20Latios.gifDark%20Latios.gifLatios.gif

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