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41 minutes ago, PokemonZayden said:

When will we know the avatar criteria for alot of avatars?

Mainly im stressed on Necrozma, Eternatus and Zygarde avatars, i really want em

I know criteria of 2 above pokes

1). You have chance to win Eternatus Avatar when you found Eternatus pokemon in map and caught. (It will automatically delivered)

Some other i.e , Zamazenta , zacian, dratini forms , darkrown etc...


2). Zygarde avatar you have chance to win when you claim zygarde (any form) random varient including normals. (Not while catching)


[Mostly promos when you claim you have chance to win like mewtwo Armor ( for mewtwo and mewtwo Armor avatars) ,

Meloetta Aria ( for Meloetta avatar) ,

Arceus fairy ( for Arceus avatar) ,

Zeraora ( for Zeraora avatar ) ,

magearna original ( for magearna avatar) ,

Hoppa unbound (for hoppa avatar) , 

Giratina origin ( for giratina origin avatar) , and Someothers ... etc...]


3). fossil also have chance to win particular avatar for particular fossil


- (Shiny forms are for exclusive auctions) 

And you know other avatars are unlock by mystery boxes , sidequests , daily logins...


I hope it helps :)

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some of info. may get change
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8 hours ago, PokemonZayden said:

thanks but do u mean i get zygarde avatar by claiming a zygarde partial, core or complete, or catching Zygarde??

By claiming promos of any varient (and any form) not by catching



- And I don't know exactly about vivillon avatar but may be it drop as an sidequest prize.

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